Mafia Combat

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Mafia Browser MMORPG<br> <br> Awesome features of the game:<br> Explore many areas<br> PVP with other members<br> Start your own crime family (gang)<br> Earn weapons and equipment<br> Train yourself in the gym<br> Work a normal job that pays you ever day (real time)<br> Chat with other players via the shout box, via forum or private messages<br> Low jail wait times, gear that reduces wait time and fast energy recharge<br> Run your own business and allow members to purchase stock of your business<br> Own real estate (increases your will)<br> Start your own player shop to sell your wares to other mafiosos<br> Play slot machines / gamble<br> Bank your cash for interest<br> Literally hundreds of other features<br> <br> Sign up today @